Townity App

Is Smart, Simple and Easy to use, Allowing YOU to Shop Local from the Comfort of Your Couch.

Makes ordering from local retailers as Easy as Ordering a Takeaway!

Offers a range of unique products, Clothes, Accessories, Books, DIY, Flowers, Toys, Games, Gifts and more!

Townity connects YOU to local independent stores through a virtual marketplace which offers:

Infinity Discovery of unique products – 150K stores in the UK.

Convenient, real-time stock availability search.

Competitive prices.

Pick up or fast delivery.

Shop from people, not corporates!

Direct from the community.

In store experience without stepping inside.

Search for what you see.

Rewarding experience and programs.

Discover new local businesses and events in your town or in new and exciting areas.

Most importantly

Townity empowers YOU and helps to build a vibrant community. Support independent businesses, reduce air miles, and save the environment – what’s not to love?

If you love what you see, JOIN TODAY and become part of the movement!

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